Trump’s personal army: grabs whatever they want

The mayor of Portland, Oregon, said it, Trump’s “personal Army” to describe some federal paramilitary force that descended uninvited on Portland, beating and gassing peaceful protesters, graffiti artists, journalists and observers alike, stuffing some into unmarked vans and carting them away to undisclosed locations without probable cause, alleges the Oregon Department of Justice and the ACLU.

Who are these paramilitary troops, Trump’s “Brownshirts”? Are they even Americans? They can’t vote in US elections because they don’t have ID. That’s right, no ID. See this pleasant and professional-looking Oregon state trooper?

Oregon State Police make 16 DUII arrests over the Country ...

I cannot imagine this fine fellow ever shooting someone in the head with a rubber bullet, but if he did, he could be held accountable because he’s wearing a nametag, like every other uniformed law enforcement officer.

These from Trump’s army, not so much.

From Lincoln Project Ad

And indeed, one of these guys, masked and lacking ID, did shoot a peaceful protester in the head with a rubber bullet, fracturing his skull. The State of Oregon could prosecute, except that there’s no way to identify who did it.

As the Lincoln Project says: “This is how it starts.”

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